COREconfidence is a NEW movement program

for Teens ages 11-16

Give your teens the gift of confidence through our beginner-friendly YOGA, DANCE, AND CORE classes that will introduce them to new disciplines in an inclusive and positive environment.



Beginning Hip Hop

As hip hop has become even more popular tweens and teens are turning to Youtube to learn dance in the isolated space of their rooms.  Our beginning Hip Hop class offers a safe space to explore this style of dance with clean lyrics and music that is not degrading to any group.  Class begins with a warm-up and stretch, followed by technique and choreography. Athletic shoes and comfortable clothing is suggested. Bring a towel and water.  


Young tween and teens who have not committed to a sport or dedicated activity often find themselves without a place to cathartically move their bodies in a crucial time of development.  Young girls often retreat into themselves not wanting to stand out or draw attraction to their growing and changing body. Find balance, strength, and confidence in COREconfidence. A place to build strength, encourage great posture and pride in being a strong and confident young woman. Bring a towel and water. 

Beginning Contemporary/Ballet

Beginning to dance as a tween/teen can be intimidating.  Our beginning level Ballet class offers a supportive environment to explore dance without pressure.  We take the best from ballet technique and combine it with the freedom of contemporary dance to create a foundation for further dance training. This class is perfect for new dancers or for athletes looking to add grace and agility to their athletic performance.  Great for Gymnast, divers, Ice skaters, soccer or lacrosse players. Bring a towel and water. 


No matter what the age, yoga for kids provides so many benefits!

  • Increased Focus

  • Added Flexibility & Strength

  • Decreased Anxiety/Stress

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Increased Body Awareness

  • Connection to the Breath

  • Overall Sense of Peace

Bring a towel and water.



Monday 4:00 PM Beginning Hip Hop with Miss Zezee
Tuesday 4:00 PM COREconfidence
Wednesday 4:00 PM Beginning Contemporary Dance/Ballet
Thursday 4:00 PM Yoga